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Light Beam for Unity (Shader)

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Light Beam for Unity (Shader)

Elevate the visual quality of your Unity games to new heights with our cutting-edge Light Beam shader! This exceptional asset empowers you to create breathtaking and immersive light effects that will captivate your players and enhance the overall atmosphere of your game.

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate the Light Beam into your existing projects without any hassle. The user-friendly interface and documentation provide step-by-step instructions, making implementation smooth and efficient.

  • Customization Options: Fine-tune every aspect of the light beam to match your artistic vision. Adjust parameters such as intensity, color, scattering, and noise to create unique and eye-catching effects.

  • Performance-Optimized: Our shader is designed to be highly performant, ensuring that your game's frame rates remain smooth and optimized, even when using lighting extensively.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does the shader work in VRChat or ChillOut?

Yes it works perfectly and already tested on my side.

  • Is it easy to implement?

Yes it is very easy to implement.

  • Is it complicated to configure?

No, it's quite easy to configure, the hardest I would say is finding the settings that suit you.

  • Can I modify the shader?

Yes you can.

Custom shaders :

  • LightBeamColor
  • LightBeamDoubleSidedColor
  • LightBeamDoubleSidedColorForward
  • LightBeamDoubleSidedColorNotForward
  • LightBeamColorFlickingEffect
  • LightBeamColorFlickingEffectDoubleSided

List of shapes :

  • Cone
  • Cone Smooth
  • Cylinder
  • Cylinder Smooth
  • Disc2D
  • Disc2D Smooth
  • FlashLight
  • Single Street Light
  • Sphere
  • Sphere Smooth
  • Torus
  • Torus Smooth
  • Trapeze
  • Triangle2D
  • Triangle2D Smooth
  • Pickup Vehicle

List of materials :

  • M_FlickingEffect
  • M_FlickingEffectDoubleSided
  • M_FlickingEffectDoubleSidedV2
  • M_LightBeamPickup
  • M_LightVolumetricsCone
  • M_LightVolumetricsConeCode
  • M_LightVolumetricsConeOneSide
  • M_Ligthning_FlashLightBasic
  • M_Ligthning_FlashLightV1
  • M_Ligthning_FlashLightV2
  • M_Ligthning_FlashLightV3
  • M_Fog
  • M_Fog_Light
  • M_Fog_Light_ExtraAlpha
  • M_Fog_Low
  • M_SkyMidnight
  • M_WhiteEmission

List of prefabs :

  • Spot Light Code Double Sided
  • Spot Light Code One Sided
  • DustParticleBox
  • DustParticleBoxCone
  • DustParticleBoxConeSpecial
  • Gray Volume Fog Cone Extended Version
  • Gray Volume Fog Cone Version Low
  • Gray Volume Fog Cone Version
  • Gray Volume Fog Light Version
  • Gray Volume Fog
  • Spot Light High Double Sided
  • Spot Light High One Sided
  • Spot Light One Side
  • Spot Light
  • Spot Light Car
  • Flashlight_Hallway
  • Flashlight_HallwayClassicsMat
  • Flashlight_HallwayClassicsMatBasic
  • Flashlight_HallwayClassicsMatV2
  • Flashlight_HallwayClassicsMatV3
  • Spot Light High Double Sided Dust Particle
  • Spot Light High Double Sided Fog Particle Low
  • Spot Light High Double Sided Fog Particle
  • Spot Light High Double Sided Fog_Dust Particle Low
  • Spot Light High Double Sided Fog_Dust Particle

List of scripts :

  • VolumetricsLightBeam.cs
  • LightBeamShape.cs
  • LightBeamEditor.cs

List of scenes :

  • SceneFlashLight
  • SceneLightStreet
  • ScenePickupLight
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Light Beam for Unity (Shader)

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